5 Easy Ways to Make Your Little League Team Better Today

If you’ve volunteered to help your local little league, you are helping to improve the lives of children in your community. Kids who play sports are less likely to drop out of school or commit crimes and more likely to succeed as adults. However, coaching or organizing a little league softball or baseball team can be stressful and difficult, even for people who know a lot about the sport. Here are five easy ways to make improve your little league team and make your job less difficult.

Reach Out to Parents

The biggest resource you have at your disposal is the time, energy, and tools that come from the family members of your team. These adults can help volunteer to get important work done as well as to help raise money for your travel expenses and other costs. Find out what your parents are willing to do to help and take advantage of this excellent resource of time and talent.

Use Technology to Make Scheduling Easier

Instead of using old-fashioned techniques, let technology make it easier for you to plan and schedule your events, practices, and matches. You can use a league schedule maker from a reputable company like Manage Your League with little effort on your part. This will keep things running smoothly with less work and less stress.

Encourage Your Team with Rewards

Whether or not your team is doing well, you can encourage them to do better by rewarding their hard work with positive encouragement and rewards. For example, take your team and their families out for pizza or ice cream even if they don’t manage to win the game, as long as they tried their hardest. Bring fun rewards like stickers or stamps to practice. And remember that the most important reward you can offer is your own praise and encouragement of their hard work.

Use Social Media

Take advantage of the tools and opportunities that social media presents to your team. You can build morale by posting uplifting news and pictures to your team’s page. You can also get more people to attend your fundraisers and events, which will bring in more money and attention to your players. Don’t let anyone use social media in an unacceptable way, of course. Only encourage positive comments and praise for the hard-working, special children on your team.

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