Top Benefits of Presets For Creating Digital Music

While there are many sound designers who believe that you should just toss away each of the presets that your synths come with, you should still seriously reconsider that idea.


If you plan on doing lot of sound design, you’re going to need to create your own unique sounds and that means you can’t be reliant on synth presets. But it also doesn’t mean that you should throw your presets out.


On the contrary, it could actually be smart for you to search for more presets by searching for an ultimate list of massive presets, for example.


Here are the top benefits of presets for creating digital music:


They Help You Find Inspiration


The first advantage of presets is they help you find inspiration. Just as writers can suffer from writers block and find difficulty in writing the words down on paper, so the same can happen not musicians and sound designers.


But fortunately, all that it may take is just the simplest and smallest sound in order to gain inspiration, and this can be accomplished by selecting a preset.


They Help You To Avoid Mistakes


By looking at the synth presets of other people, you can recognize and steer clear of many of the mistakes that they have made. Actually listen to the synth presets and dissect them, and see if you can identify a specific sound or point in the music that doesn’t seem right to you.


They Help You Learn


If you are a beginner to digital sound creation, there will no doubt be many presets that seem to be beyond your current level. These are exactly the kinds of presets that you will want to spend your time with. Listening to them and what makes them work is what will help teach you the most about synthesis and sound design.


You Can Save Them To Listen To Later


Rather than throw your presets away, save them and archive them. Place them in a file managements system that you can easily browse and come back to later. After you complete your own music, you can compare it against the presets to see where you have improved and where you still need to make improvements.


This will be the number one best thing you can do to gain perspective in sound design and your overall progression in it. Continuously try to become better, because if you are truly passionate about sound design, you should never feel or believe that you have mastered it and always try to get better at it.


Creating Digital Music


Remember, you do not want to copy other people’s synth presets when creating your own digital music. If you truly want to create groundbreaking and memorable music, then it needs to be original. It’s perfectly fine to gain inspiration from other sound designers and their presets, but you still need to come up with your own unique sound.