4 Easy Tips That Will Keep Your Watch Looking Like New

Nothing looks like new forever. That is, unless you put in the time and effort to keep it in tip-top shape. The more something costs, the more it’s worth your time to maintain that item. That’s especially the case when it comes to watches.

From fancy designer watches to a high-tech army watch, it really pays off to maintain your watch at home regularly. Here are 4 easy tips that will keep your watch looking like new.

Clean the Face

The face is the focal point of your watch. It makes sense that you’d want to keep it clean! Fortunately, it’s very easy to do because it doesn’t require any special equipment:

  • Fill a shallow dish with warm water and a bit of mild dish soap.
  • Use a chamois cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to wipe the dish soap mixture on the face.
  • Use a Q-tip to clean around crystals and three-dimensional features.
  • Gently wipe away any excess suds with a damp cloth.

Clean the Band

It doesn’t take long for the band of any watch to get dirty, and all that dirt and sweat can actually damage the band.

Maintain your watch band with these techniques:

  • Leather: Wipe with a damp cloth and use a little hand soap if necessary.
  • Metal: Use a soft brush and soapy water to scrub away dirt and grime.
  • Nylon: Remove the band, place it in a mesh laundry bag, and wash it with your next load of laundry.

Take Care of Scratches Before They Get Out of Hand

Taking good care of your watch means trying to prevent scratches in the first place. If you actually wear your watch, you know how impossible that can be.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with accidental scratches forever. When it comes to your watch face, you can try toothpaste. Simply rub a little bit of toothpaste into the scratch, let it sit, then rub it off. This method is surprisingly effective for many different watch faces.

When it comes to the band, only scratches on stainless steel can be removed at home. Simply use a nail polish block to rub away the scratches.

Have Your Watch Professionally Serviced

Whether your watch needs a battery, toothpaste just isn’t taking care of the scratches on the face, or a piece has come loose, it’s a good idea to have your timepiece professionally serviced.

A professional can make sure that everything is working exactly as it should, and they can prevent you from accidentally damaging your watch if you try to make a repair yourself. Plan to have your watch serviced at least once every seven years. You may have to schedule service more frequently if you wear your watch on a daily basis, if it’s particularly old, or if something breaks.

When you invest in a high-quality timepiece, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Maintain it and it will look like brand new for decades.