What real estate investors are looking for (and where to find it)


Owning a diverse portfolio is important for any prudent investor. However, for those who wish to invest in India, real estate is the piece of the puzzle that is often difficult to fit. Even though there are a multitude of options available both online and offline, a prudent real estate investor always likes to sniff out the most promising deal.

Let us look at what such an investor considers:

  • Carefully scrutinized opportunities – A property which has been rigorously examined by experts is always welcomed by real estate investors. Most investors who can afford real estate are usually extremely busy either running a business or in a senior corporate role, and hence does not get time to discover such deals. If the deal is exclusive, then it is even better, as once the larger public gets to know about it, the demand automatically results in the increase of prices.
  • Legally sound investments – A thoroughbred investor makes sure that all legal compliances have been taken care off before committing any investment capital. Especially in real estate, thorough due diligence is essential. This protects his asset and ensures peace of mind.
  • Flexibility – If flexibility of investment capital is offered, it is easier for the investor to commit funds. An investor need not be an HNI. Salaried white collar professionals who are on the journey to create wealth would be extremely keen on having this choice.
  • High rewards and low risk–Imagine unlimited upward potential and a limited downside to an investment opportunity. This may be the Holy Grail for the real estate investing community. The assurance of stable fixed income just makes the entire proposition sweeter.

But where can one find such an investment destination which covers all these needs of an investor?

SmartOwner seems to be such a platform. Much like Fundrise in the US and PropertyMoose in the UK, SmartOwner takes into account almost every challenge that real estate investors in India have faced and manages to solve the problems. From due diligence to investment security, SmartOwner makes investing in real estate an effortless task. And it isn’t a new kid on the block either. After operating for five years, it has built a diverse set of real estate investment offerings.

With the passing of RERA and the high possibility of reduced lending rates, the real estate market may start rising up once again after being tepid for a long time. Investors play a crucial role in providing this growth and it is essential that their pain points are resolved – which is where companies like SmartOwner come in.