The Top Benefits of Installing Casement Windows

An outstanding way of letting in air and sunshine is to install Casement windows. One side of these kind of windows is kept completely open and the other side (it could be either left or right side) has many hinges to the frame. In fact, in this way, these windows are quite similar to doors. What marks a difference between a door and this window is that there is no knob or handle to open a casement window. A crank like setup is used which enables the opening of the door by a push force. Earlier, windows were designed in a different way with the framed glass planes pivoted in place with lead strips. With time, the designs have got better and more advanced.

Casement windows are intensely useful for rooms that are far afield from the ground, rooms that have garden on the opening or rooms with not that high ceilings. These windows offer a privilege over the other kind of windows like the double-hung windows that open either above or below at a time or sliding windows that open halfway at any given time. On the other hand, casement windows provide an amazing outside view by opening up completely. This also ensures maximum air and sunlight into the room. Casement windows have a dual lock system which ensures that the window is closed properly in an airtight manner. In fact, a good and strong window closing mechanism ensures protection from any break-in robbery. Many windows open in a way which disrupt your room décor and degrade the room’s look but this is certainly not the case with Casement windows as they open on the outside without disrupting your curtain or room décor.

One matchless thing about the materials used is that they do not slide up or down. This is because of the position of hinges. They are either on the top or on the side of the windowpane. These windows work really well for out-of-the-way areas like those above the sinks or stairwells. The designs of casement windows have endured constant innovation.They now have screen assemblies, high quality glass for better insulation, tinting for supplementary privacy and remote openers exclusively when they are in places which are difficult to reach at. There is an amazing range of frames including frames such as wood, acrylic, metal and PVC.

Extra Benefits:
1. Supreme ventilation and light for the room when the window is completely opened.

  1. The windows have a casement lock which is pretty hard to break and hence this ensures security. The windows are also airtight and hard.
  2. The window can be easily opened due to single lever and tandem latches put forth with remote openers.

Now, you are well versed with the pros of casement windows. A coin has two sides and so does everything else. You should also know that the casement windows are not very compatible with air conditioning requirements. It may also not be an optimum solution when you have little kids at home as it may be too large for them. But if you are looking for a safe, easy to open and close window which also allows proper ventilation and sunlight then casement window is the optimum choice for you!

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