The mundane job of cleaning, dusting and keeping everything slick and span can be a Herculean task of its own. There places which can be out of reach or may cause a sneezing spree because of unseen accumulated dust mites that are unseen to the naked eye. Large areas covered in carpets, couches, sofas settees, curtains, bedspreads, etc are the may place that need to be vacuumed for this you have to buy the one that suits best for your needs and the budget in hand. It doesn’t matter if you own a large house or live in a condo. Vacuum cleaners are needed as kids and pets cause litter and dust is a common problem in most cities due to the urbanisation, frequent cleaning is required. Hence it is better to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. This would be a good buy even if you have a helper at home.

Options to pick from

Well, there is a plethora of options to choose from and the buyer to find out which works best for his home or office.

There are






There are vacuum cleaners that are coming into to the market which are now robotic in nature and they may not need the intervention of the human hand and may do a more efficient job of cleaning. When and how these will hit the market and will the pricing be affordable is the question, but the sound of it is sure to ease the tension!!

The debate on having a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner depends on how you deal with dust. The bagged version will store the dust and the bags have to be replaced, whereas the bagless cleaner has to manually cleaned and there is a danger of sending back the dust into the cleaned room and you getting a dust blow on the face. But if done carefully, you could clean and use the filter many times.

The choice between cylindrical and upright cleaners may get you in a tizzy. This is cause cylindrical cleaners are more smaller in size and easier to lift and carry around but difficultly sets in as you have keep bending. The upright cleaners score better in this area and they are good for people with back problems and can clear large areas as compared to the cylindrical one. But it has problem when trying to manoeuvre under furniture for cleaning.

How to choose right

The process that has to be followed isn’t a tedious one but a useful enough that you get a good value for your monies worth.

The manoeuvre capabilities of the cleaner has to be seen such as how much area at one go can it cover, its ability to clean out of reach places, the weight of the cleaner, easy to use options and also cleaning options too; play a important part in buying a vacuum cleaner.

If you have hairy pets and you must faced incorrigible task of getting their hair away during their shedding season on almost every surface in the house, a vacuum cleaner’s efficiency can be judged if this is done in few sweeps without leaving stray strands.

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