When Should Rehab Be Considered?

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Getting treatment at a Pasadena alcohol rehab has changed the lives of many former addicts. It can do the same for you. You might be hesitating on checking yourself into a rehab facility because you think you are not in bad enough shape. There are some key indicators that you need to watch out for which will tell you that you are in serious need of professional help for your addiction. Knowing these signs will allow you to get the help you need before it is too late. Here are some of the signs that should tell you that you need to seek treatment right away in a licensed drug and alcohol rehab facility.

1. Has your healthy started to fail when you were previously very healthy?

Alcohol and drugs are poisons. It is important to understand that your body will start to shut down if your usage of these substances becomes too great. This could lead you to suffer adverse reactions that cause you to feel terrible. The illnesses might be small at first. However, continued use of drugs and alcohol will mean that your health will only continue to deteriorate the longer you choose to use them. Your organs might eventually begin to shut down. This is what happens to the liver of many alcoholics. You need to take your health problems very seriously. Go to a doctor and determine exactly what problems you have. You can then get the appropriate medications or surgery. Checking yourself into a Pasadena detox center will help you to finally get your addiction under control so you do not have a recurrence of the problem in the future.

2. Your employer has noticed that the quality of your work is not as good as it used to be.

Your job could be in serious jeopardy if your employer becomes disappointed in your performance. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for many addicts. They have no problem hiding all of the telltale signs of addiction when they first start using. However, drug and alcohol addicts will eventually become less reliable as time goes by. These people will also lose their attention to detail. This will certainly hurt your standing with your boss if it is more than a one-time occurrence. You will eventually be unemployed if you do not turn your life around in a hurry. Getting fired from your current job should not be your only concern. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to get a decent reference from your current employer if you get fired because they suspect you are using drugs or alcohol. This makes the chances of you being able to get another good job very small indeed. Admitting that you have a substance abuse problem and seeking help to fix it at a rehab center might convince your boss that you are worth keeping around.

3. Relationships are usually damaged when one or both of the people are substance abusers.

Your current relationship has been very strained recently. You find that you are getting into fights with your significant other that you never did before. Frequent fights are often the result of drug or alcohol abuse. One person gets drunk or high. This causes him or her to get angry and start behaving irrationally. It is only a matter of time before a fight occurs. The sober person in the relationship will only be able stay around for so long before they get sick and tired of their addicted partner’s behavior. The presence of children in the home might hasten your partner’s exit from the relationship. Getting the treatment you desperately need could be the first step to salvaging your relationship so that you do not lose the person you love forever.

4. Run-ins with police are not uncommon for people with serious substance abuse problems.

People who are constantly drunk or high will often behave in a manner that puts them at risk of being arrested for a variety of offenses. Drunk driving arrests are common for people who are alcoholics. Repeated arrests for this offense can lead to the loss of a person’s license. Drug addicts often get arrested for theft and burglary because they need to steal items that they can later sell to get money to buy more drugs. This is a cycle that usually ends with the drug addict behind bars. Getting help in rehab now can help you to avoid very serious legal entanglements down the road.