Top 5 Ways To Personalize Your Email Messages

While there are many effective email marketing techniques out there for you to use, perhaps the most important one is for you to personalize your messages.

Personalizing your messages means that you make them as personal as possible to each individual subscriber. The result is that they will be more likely to click your messages and hopefully improve your overall bounce and conversion rates

Here are the top five ways to personalize your email messages:

Use The Subscriber’s First Name In The Subject Line

This is a classic email personalization technique, but it’s used for good reason. It immediately grabs the person’s attention and makes it feel that the email is specifically for them rather than being blasted in masse to a group of people.

Use The Subscriber’s Geographical Location

Another technique to grab the attention of someone is to use their actual geographical location rather than just their name. Since you’ll be making your message specific to their location, your email will seem far more relevant and urgent for them to read.

Send A Personalized Image


Nifty Images offers an excellent personalized image service for you to use. A personalized image is simply a unique image that is designed specifically for a particular recipient. Personalized images can be easily read, viewed, and saved on any smart phone or mobile device

One example of where you would use personalized images would be on the birthday of a recipient. You can either create an entirely separate image for each recipient (which would be time consuming), or you can create only one or two images and then change the name of the recipient on the image. Speaking of birthdays…

Send Each Subscriber A Unique Message On Their Birthday

When the birthday of a subscriber rolls around, send them an email message with a personalized image wishing them a happy birthday, and then offer them a special coupon or discount that is exclusive to them.

This will really make the subscriber feel valued because it signals that you are treating them like an individual and actually care for them.

Segment Your Email List

Would a twenty-five-year-old woman and a forty-year-old man really want the same product or service from you, for example? Possibly, but it’s unlikely.

This is why you should segment your email list into groups so you can send each group of people different messages based on what they are more likely to want. You can segment your list into groups based on age, gender, behavior, and so on.

Your goal here is to meet the needs of your recipients, which is why dividing your email list up rather than blasting the same message to everyone under the sun will be a wise move.

Personalizing Your Email Messages

Personalizing your email messages is easily one of the most critically important things to do as an email marketer, and the tips you have just learned about in this article will truly be invaluable for you to use.