Social Media Tools: Revolutionising The Service Industry

There are various facts regarding the usage of social media and how this platform is tackled by people who want to enhance their percent of profit.

  1. To find a relevant service or product, over 70 percent of users explore social media platforms such as Facebook.
  2. To purchase a product or to access a service, over 25 percent of video viewers mould their opinion after watching an online video on video sharing platforms such as YouTube.
  3. To buy a product or service, over 65 percent of users of mobile take help of mobile web to research about the product or the service.
  4. Being on the first page of google helps a business to get noticed by the users over the business which isn’t ranked in the first page. The former have 60 percent more chance than the latter one to acquire a new customer over the business.


Everybody needs more exposure and clients for their products and services that they are providing. Social media and search engine plays an important role if talking in terms of enhancing the business deals as a customer in need of anything, research web nowadays. These “Googlers” and web surfer can be your potential clients if you will use social media actively with a planned strategy. Social media is simply a great way to extend your reach to new clients and strengthening ties with existing ones. Facebook and YouTube are powerful tools in making a connection between you and your customer as the customer needs a sense of trust about your profile in any service. As the first impressions are very strong ones, a Facebook page or a simple one minute video on YouTube can leave such an impact on the aspiring customers that you can’t wonder about. These social media platforms are every useful in creating a positive impression among customers and this will lead to more customer generation.

Customising the social media marketing will make sure that your voice is heard and changing trends in social media channels. These types of activities will ensure that you are ranked high in search engine rankings. Limousine services are one of the most inherently provided social service present on the web and their social media strategies have the potential and capabilities to revolutionise the business. Companies like Elite Limo Houston are engaging with social media usage and thus this lead an increase in their sales in comparison to their offline rivals. Social media marketing can increase the leads generated by the website in a significant amount and will make you stand out from the very competition in a way that it will create a familiarity with the brand. Traditional campaigns are only limited in the market place while social media campaigns are entering the very rooms of users who can be a potential customer any time. A social media channel should reflect the services that a company is going to provide.

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