Easy Ways to Gain More Writing Experience

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Have you always dreamed of writing the next great novel? Maybe you have an idea for a young adult novel that you think would translate well onto the big screen, or maybe you want to write a nonfiction book that will help others. No matter what ideas there are floating through your mind, there is no time like the present to sit down and start writing. If you aren’t sure where to start or how to organize all those thoughts racing through your mind, you can look for some easy ways to gain more writing experience.

Join a Support Group

As long as you have internet access, you can join one of the top support groups for new writers. These groups function like forums or message boards and let you meet with other writers in a virtual world. You can get feedback on how to start and chat with others about dealing with writers’ block. Many of these forums offer daily prompts too. These prompts give you an idea or topic that you can start writing about to clear your mind.

Enroll in a Class

Enrolling in a writing class is another great way to get help with your writing. You can sign up for an ecriture program or enroll in a course offered by a community college or vocational school. There are some online writing classes that you can enroll in too that are free or cheap. The best thing about a writing class is that you can get some feedback. Your teacher will read your work and let you know what he or she thinks. Many classes require that you read your stories and work in front of the class too. This gives you feedback from your peers.

Start a Blog

If you want to gain writing experience and aren’t sure where to start, you can start with your own blog. Anyone can create a blog and put it up online, and there are multiple platforms that let you do this for free. You can leave your blog up online and open to the public, which lets anyone who comes across it read your thoughts and stories. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of strangers reading your work, you can limit access to that blog. Most platforms will even let you decide who can leave comments on your posts.

Carry a Notebook

The top writers in the world take time out of their busy schedules to sit down and write a small amount each day. While you might think that you don’t have enough time to sit down at the computer, you can write anywhere you go. Carry a notebook with you every day as well as few pens. Whenever the mood strikes, sit down and put your thoughts down on paper. Having a notebook by your side also helps you keep track of any ideas you come up with or any snippets of a story that you might want to write.

Even the best writers in the world and those who make the most money sometimes feel a little nervous about their writing skills. Though you may worry about what others will think and whether your stories are good, you can get more writing experience every day online and off.