Three Ways to Personalize White Label Products and Services

White label products and services are a great way for your business to make money. They’re a wonderful option because:

  • You can offer specialized products
  • You can offer products and services without spending time or money on development
  • You can offer a wider variety of products and services
  • You can reduce overhead costs

However, the success of selling white label products and services comes down to whether or not your customers can tell that you’re offering white label items. Here are a few tips for personalizing your white label products so they melt in seamlessly with your company’s brand.

Pair It With Outstanding Customer Service

One of the best ways to attract and keep customers is to provide outstanding customer service. As it turns out, it’s one of the best ways to customize a white label product or service as well.

Make sure customers can ask questions through various channels, like by phone, on your website, or on social media.

Provide guarantees for your products and services, even if they are white label. That way, you can encourage customers to give your brand a try. It’s also a great way to assure your customers that if they experience a problem, they will be covered.

Put in the Time and Effort to Create High-Quality Labels

If you’re rebranding a white label product or service as your own, it’s absolutely vital that your customers don’t think it’s white label. If they do, they might expect to pay less thinking that it isn’t of the highest quality. That means branding those products effectively.

Create quality labels using your company’s logo and place them on all of your products. Make sure the packaging is up to par as well. Your customers should be excited to use your product the moment they see it in the box.

If you offer a service, it’s extremely important that you create a beautiful, user-friendly website that communicates the quality of that service so they don’t suspect it’s white label.

Mix White Label With Custom Products and Services

There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to white label products. Going white label might be the right decision for one business, and the wrong decision for another. But, there’s no reason why you can’t do both!

Having some white label products and services is a great way to create a dependable revenue stream while you work on developing products and services of your own. With the right development, you can seamlessly integrate your own work with white label partners, which will further make your white label products and services seem even more like they were developed by you and not a third party.

Deciding to offer white label products and services is a decision your business shouldn’t take lightly. If not done properly, you could lose customers. But, if done effectively by following these three tips, you can personalize your products and services, making them seem more like your own.