Rummy Strategies You Must Understand Before Playing Cash Games

Online rummy’s popularity has grown since the time the 13 cards game has moved to online platforms. Now online rummy is counted among one of the most popular games played online as well as on mobile devices. If you are new to this game, there are certain points you should remember while playing on online rummy websites. Most online rummy websites consists of pro players due to the big cash prizes involved. If you are unaware of the rummy rules and the best strategies, it will be impossible make a mark as well as to win your share of cash prizes.

One of the basic as well as top online Indian rummy card game rules as well as strategy is to arrange and re-arrange the 13 cards dealt to you. This will not just make the game easier for yourself but will also help you to identify the missing cards required to complete sequences or sets. Once you do this, it will be easier for you to arrange the cards but do remember to have a minimum of one pure sequence when you make your melds.

Also, value your joker in such a way that you don’t waste them. Don’t add Joker cards in sets or sequences that are already made. You can add Joker cards at the end of the game on places where have missing cards. Remember, declaring without completing a pure sequence or wrong declaration can cause you 80 points which will affect your comeback in next rounds. So, play carefully according to rummy card game rules and take your time to think and strategize before every move you make.

One of the best rummy strategy followed by most pro players is discarding the high value cards in the beginning itself. This will help in reducing the points that high value cards like A, K, Q and J holds if the player loses the round. But if you see your opponent picking up the discarded card from open deck, it is advisable to change your game plan and play accordingly so as to hold him from winning.

If you are a new player it will be hard for you to comprehend this rummy strategy but as you play more on online rummy websites, you will get experienced and master the rules for playing rummy as well as the strategies involved with it. You can also join local clubs in your area which host live rummy events to upgrade your skills. Alternatively, you can join any top online rummy websites to play practice or freeroll games with virtual chips and later on move to cash tables for a bigger amount of adrenaline rush as well as real cash prizes.





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