Reasons for losing a rummy game

The game of online Rummy which has been rocking the nation for a few years now is however not the easiest one in the world to play. It takes a very minute mistake to get yourself eliminated from the rummy game. The margin of error is very less as far as this game is concerned so it is essential that the game is played very carefully applying vigorous caution before making any move. Let us now see the possible scenarios where a game can go completely out of your reach.

Losing focus:

Losing focus of the game is the typical reason why people tend to taste failure more often than not. This game requires tremendous concentration as it demands focus on too many things. One needs to know exactly the cards that are in your possession, the moves of your opponents including the cards that they pick up from the open deck, the cards you had once seen in the closed deck before discarding, the cards that you had earlier discarded etc. Focusing on all these things you should arrive at a calculation which can help you win the game. Any lapse of concentration is an opportunity presented itself for your opponents who can easily latch onto it.

Holding high value cards:

Holding high value cards is the biggest blunder that one can make to lose a game. In the game of Rummy, one should carry as much less points as possible to win a game. So, if you carry high value cards for some time when your opponent declares, it will increase your points which will make your prospect bleak in the upcoming deals.

Not prioritising pure sequence:

The basic objective of the game is to form at least two sequences one of which must be a pure life. So, if pure sequence is not given priority a Rummy can never be won. Thus, as soon as the card is dealt, a person must look forward to forming pure sequence which is the basic need to win a Rummy game. If not, the game is as good as it is gone.

Ignoring jokers:

A joker card is a trump card which can decide a game in your favour if you are quite good in using it. If you ignore it as just another card, then you will miss a golden opportunity of declaring the game. It holds zero points after all and so holding it for long will not cost you at all. So, it has to be treated as an important card and how to use the same has to be known perfectly for using it.

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