How to Use the Joker Card Wisely in Rummy? 

One of the most addictive card games available online is rummy that is played in every corner of the world online and offline. Though many believe it to be the form of gambling, but it is the pure display of skills by a player. The rummy game has developed over the years and has taken a completely new shape as it was in the past. Playing the rummy game online is really exciting as you can play it with different players every time. Moreover, the game of can be played fairly online.

If you want to play the game of rummy wisely, you must learn how to use the Joker card. It is one of the most important cards in rummy game that most of the players fail to use wisely. You should learn how to use this important card nicely in a rummy game.

Joker Card – The Game Turner!

The game of rummy consists of the complete deck of 52 cards excluding two Joker cards. The Joker card is treated as the wild card in any rummy game. Joker card can be really helpful in turning the tables. A tricky and intelligent use of this card in the game can turn the tables completely in your favor. You will be amazed to know that there are two types of Joker card in the rummy game. You must use them nicely to assure your victory.

The joker card is given utmost importance in the game of rummy because it enhances your probability of winning the game. You must remember some of the very basic points while using the joker card in the game of rummy.

  • You should complete the game at earliest after re-arranging the group of cards and adding joker to it.
  • You must have a pure life sequence to complete the game. It is a sequence that consists of 3-consecutive cards with same suit.

Joker and its Types

In the game of rummy, 2 types of joker cards are used. You must understand their use and proceed with the rummy game online.

The Printed Joker

There are 2 Joker cards that are available in the deck of 52 cards. These cards that are found in the deck of 52 cards are called as joker. The joker card is usually used to complete a sequence in the game. You can replace it with the missing card in your set. For example- If you are making a sequence of 6, 7, and 8 from the suit of Jack and you are unable to get ‘8’, you can use a joker card to form a sequence.

The Cut Jokers

The cards are shuffled before the rummy game and then are distributed among the players playing the game.

  • After the distribution of cards, 1 card is taken out as a random card from the closed deck and it is declared as the cut joker for the ongoing game.
  • All the cards that belong to the same as of cut joker will be treated as joker. No matter to which suit they belong, they can be used as a joker.

Things to Consider while Jokers in Rummy

  • If you are willing to use the joker card, you need to have at least one pure sequence before melding. If you have a pure sequence then you can proceed with melding using the joker card.
  • The joker card makes the game of rummy really interesting. It enhances the probability of winning the game.
  • You can use any number of joker cards in the game, but only one in forming the sequence. Joker cannot be used in a pure life.
The Bottom Line

Rummy is one of the most addictive card games that are played by millions of people throughout the world and many of them make their daily expenses by playing this game. Joker is the most valuable card in the game that must not be used poorly. You should learn to use the joker card perfectly in order to turn the tables in your favor. Once everything goes in your favor, you can win the game comfortably without struggling too hard.