Advantages of 2D animation over 3D animated videos

There is no doubt about the fact that animation has been an integral part of our childhood. There wouldn’t have been a single day when we, as children, would have failed to catch up with our favourite series of animated characters. Well, times have changed and with it, the technology too. 3D animation is the new buzz because in simple terms it is better to look at and gives you a better viewing experience. 2D animated films are still being used in many educational videos and also in certain advertisements,but it is 3D animations that are mainly in use. However, even though 3D animation is now widely accepted, there are certain aspects which allows the 2D animation mode to have the upper hand over its 3D variant.

Been there, done that

2D animation has been there in the market since ages and has been entertaining us ever since. The scope of it giving wrong results are very minimal. And the most important aspect is that we are well conversant with this technology and we have accepted it too.

Cost Factor

3D animation generates very rich results, and just like its results, the cost factor is very high too. On the other hand, the 2D animation process is quick, simple and as a result is very cost effective. To bring life to the characters using 3D technology, it takes a lot more time and effort as well. Pairing with a new upcoming studio like Spiel Animations is a great way to produce 3D visual content for your business at a more affordable cost.

Quick Rectification

If you are using 3D technology, and there is a last minute rectification required in your project, trust me when we say it, that it would be a very difficult thing to do. However, on a 2D platform, rectifications can be made very easily.

Time Constraint and Simplicity

The higher the dimension, the more would be the time taken to deliver the results. So if you are working on a tight deadline, the 2D animation technology would be able to give you the best result. It is much less complicated thus saves more on the time front.

Simplicity is a key thing which every viewer love. Often in the 3D platform, the over usage of too many images and graphics, make it clumsy and is not accepted very well. If we consider the utilisation of 2D technology, then simplicity is one thing which it ensures. It makes sure that the message is conveyed perfectly. The 2D technology also ensures minimal usage of the various latest software thus making it a much non-complex process.

Thus with the above set of advantages,you can now decide which form of technology to use and when to use it. There is a common myth that 2D technology limits your creativity, but that is absolutely not the case – it entirely depends on your requirements.

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