5 Ways to Make Real Money with Rummy Games

Real money games are on the rise in India and thus the number of players interested in playing these games has risen considerably. Indian rummy have a major share in real money games in India as they involve your skills to play and win a game unlike games like Bridge, which depends majorly in the element of luck. If you are a newly registered player in any of online rummy websites, you may be looking for all the best ways to make real cash without spending much from your pocket in the form of deposits or real chip purchases.

One way to win big amount of cash in the game of skill is by playing on rummy tournaments but they are not the only one. Other ways from where you can make real money in online rummy are as listed below:

  1. Sign Up Bonus

There are many popular rummy online sites from India that reward players with free cash when they register with them. The cash amount may range from Rs.25 to even Rs.1000 depending on the website you are playing. Some websites also reward new players with first deposit bonus of 100% which can be claimed to become a premium player in the website and take part in rummy tournaments. Sign up bonus is one of the best ways to try out a new website as the amount will be credited to your bonus account. So, whenever you are seeing an advertisement for the same, click on it, create an account and start playing with free cash to win real money from freeroll or cash rummy tournament.

  1. Daily Promotions

Some of the top rummy websites often bring daily promotions that test the skills of the players. Most of these promotions consist of leaderboard contests, maximum winnings or rake created in a given time or winning a hand with a particular set of melds. The players who top these contests are often rewarded with extra cash other than their winnings from the games they play. Players can also claim a cashback depending on the rake they generate if any contest for the same is going on.

  1. Bonus Offers

Along with daily promotions, one of the most claimed rummy promotion from the daily players is the bonus offer. A bonus offer can range from 10% to up to 100% and the amount credited to your account as rummy bonus will depend on your deposit amount. Most of the credits earned as bonus need to be used within a timeframe of 3-5 days which makes the players to play more cash games and rummy tournaments.

  1. Freeroll Tourneys

Once you register with any rummy site, one of the best ways to make real money without making any deposit or real chip purchases is by joining freeroll rummy tournaments. Numerous number of freeroll tourneys are held almost every hour in most websites which you can join and play on. You can even filter the number of players you want to play with along with the variants of game depending on the time you have to invest for gaming hours.

  1. Real Money Rummy Tournaments

One of the best ways to make real money from rummy games is by joining cash rummy tournaments. We listed it in the last spot because most players jump into the rummy tournament without looking out the other ways they can make real money from this game of skill. Rummy tournaments requires your top skills and if you are a new player, without trying out your hands on the practice and freeroll tables, you cannot stand a chance against the pro players in cash tournaments.

Other than the online rummy tournaments, you can also check out the live tournaments often held in the local clubs. If you think you are skilled enough to be an ace player, try winning your tickets to World Rummy Tournament (WRT) held yearly with cash prizes worth up to Rs.1 crore. To get seated for this grand event, you may need to win your ticket by playing satellite rounds playing online rummy.


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