What is the Difference between 4 Oracle Certifications: OCA, OCE, OCP, and OCM ?

At the top of certification programs, there has always been one abbreviation and name considered as “extra classy.” This is the Oracle certified professional certificate! Earlier, there just used to be a single Oracle certification. However, over the years, the company gradually broke this program into four separate certification levels and each of these had new abbreviations as well as unique titles. Look at each of these levels and understand the story behind all the certifications to understand what the differences between all these are, what these stand for and what exactly is the eligibility criteria required to stand certified under these programs.

To begin with, let’s discuss the OCA Certification–Oracle certified associate program

The OCA certification program is the entry level of certification as designed by Oracle education for getting certifications for those who are just understanding and getting familiar with Oracle. The experience required in the area of Oracle is one year or two years at the most. This is because Oracle for freshers is a much different from the master or expert level professional version.

The program is apt for candidates who have been thorough with knowledge of Oracle, have work experience and those that come with a demonstrated ability to understand fundamentals and those who can be expected to be supervised as a good performer.

Usually the certification of OCA requires the candidate to pass a couple of exams without any other basic experience requirements. The tests for this level certification will generally cover a wide range of topics that are not profound, except for some superficial coverage. The goal of the Oracle certified associate certification examination is assuring candidates get the hang of features in Oracle domain and understand how to apply acquired knowledge.

OCP Certification-Oracle certified professional certificate

Oracle certified professional certificate is actually a stepping up from the previous course discussed. It certifies greater skills, improvements, and grasp of Oracle — much further than what you would have had in case you were a fresher in the field.

You can access the certificate program once you have covered the first step, the OCA certification. Oracle education targets candidates with 3 or 5 years of experience in working with Oracle as the trusted domain and those who could perform the maximum number of activities without any supervision. The certification is not directed for individuals having no experience with Oracle domain. Candidates who have undergone a deeper understanding of fundamentals in Oracle and have the additional basic certificate without the need to be supervised, can opt for this program.

OCP certifications are actually built on the Oracle certificate basic level and cause for passing one or a couple of exams besides OCA requisites. Some OCP level certs come with an additional training requirements as well. The basic tests for this level of certification generally narrow down on the vast area of topics and needs candidate to come with more depth and better knowledge to answer the given papers. The main goal of the certification is ensuring that candidates have a flair for practicing test topics and can actually have the ability to work unsupervised in their domain.

OCE-Oracle certified expert

This certificate program is especially designed for those who could be called odd men out. In the basic sense, it could be said that the next step up from OCP, but it actually falls outside the entire structure of these certifications.

The certification exam generally targets niche and knowledge based expertise areas. The exam patterns in a way so that the candidates reveal high degree of expertise even on minute subject streams. These certifications help in defining the candidates specialized knowledge areas while also helping them to expand upon OCP certifications for the additional leap in career.

The certification needs candidates to pass a single test and come with no pre-eligibility or add on training requisites. The goal of these tests is to understand the constructive knowledge candidates have as an expert in Oracle areas.

OCM- Oracle certified master

This program is the highest certification level that is an offer by Oracle. It is designed in a way that the candidate needs first to clear the OCB level then move on to attend a couple of Advanced training sessions and finally passed out today practical exams that is rigorously based on performance. The cert targets candidates having complete experience of at least 6 years in the administration of databases from Oracle. Candidates who passed the certification are tagged as having demonstrated the capacity for administering databases of enterprise level.

It goes without saying that the difficulty level involved as well as the core structure of these exams are tough for every candidate to crack. Oracle certifications are still limited to those who have high capacities as well as a lot of money to invest. The certifications from Oracle will actually add real value to your existing CV. Recruiters as well as hiring managers will begin to track you down since Oracle certifications actually add more sheen.

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Bagging an Oracle certification and actually waiting to get a job will not be without a stream of offers flowing in. Make a clever choice.