Advancing Your Career

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Obtaining advanced positions at work can be challenging, but there are several ways that you can give yourself advantages to compete for promotions. If you can obtain credentials, maintain positive performance evaluations and prove yourself to your management, then you may be able to achieve higher positions that come with greater benefits and pay. Here are some tips to help you advance in your career.

Stay Dedicated
If you have been in your position for a few years, then you may be growing a bit tired. Heavy workloads, long hours and boring routines can lead to employees who become disengaged in their work. Stay committed to achieving your professional goals, and resist the urge to overwork yourself. Take leave time when you need a break. If you become overwhelmed, vent to family and friends instead of to fellow employees.

Obtain Credentials
Spend a little time doing some research to determine what credentials you can obtain that will help you advance to higher positions in your field. Each career field offers licenses or certifications that can help professionals experience career growth. For example, a cardiovascular rn certification can be a valuable asset for a registered nurse. It is important to obtain credentials that will enhance your skills and separate you from others who are competing for promotions. Managers will be impressed with the initiative that you show in obtaining education that correlates with your profession.

Exhibit Leadership Skills
If you are trying to obtain a promotion, be sure to showcase your leadership skills to your manager. Try to take the lead on training new team members and suggesting ways to develop training materials and programs. Being able to adequately train new employees can strengthen your reputation in the workplace. You should also attend professional development events when you have the opportunity. If management feels that you are successful and engaged in your current role, then you may be an ideal candidate when a promotion becomes available.

Developing a relationship with your management and your colleagues can be critical to your advancement. Try to develop authentic relationships with the people you work with. You may be able to enjoy increased flexibility in your current role and greater consideration for future promotions.